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Accurate. Brilliant. Creative.

Always on point. Effective communication means reaching your target audience and achieving desired results. But the ever-evolving technology and intimidating data trends challenge even the best communicators. That’s when ABC Communication steps in. Simplifying communication with timely creative execution is the key to get your message across.


Defining a clear brand identity.

Creative Content/Web and App Development

Developing cutting-edge online experiences.

Media Placement/Consultancy

Executing impactful advertising and marketing.

Jay De Jesus, social media manager in Singapore

Angelica is a visionary and best at producing foresight, advanced planning and taking initiatives for projects, campaigns, events and media outreach. I have personally seen her work and handle her team executing several projects both short and long term ones, from start to finish. She is self-motivated, highly creative, very determined and well-organized. Her wide network of multimedia contacts is also a huge plus. It has been a pleasure to work, collaborate and plan alongside her.

Ellaine C.
Ellaine C., marketing manager

Miss Bing was very easy to work with and consult for advice when I started working at Solar Entertainment / Solar TV. I looked up to her work ethics–she managed her work and team well in a respectful, organized, and fun manner. I would love to be able to work with Miss Bing again.


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ABC Communication delivers quality communication campaigns that won’t break the bank.